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  1. xxSOME1ELSExx

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    Mar 6, 2009
    KK i'm new i know but i need help with this problem


    There it is Click to make bigger

    I Already got the R3 and R4 Combined
    I dont have a value for R2
    I dont know how too get it

    Please help asap

    I procrastinated
    and i got class in 6 hrs still have to sleep
  2. vvkannan

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    Aug 9, 2008
    Hi xxSOME1ELSExx,

    By KVL the sum of voltages across R1,R5 and R6 should equal 36.

    you know voltage across R6 and R1 (IR1 X R1) .subtract this from 36 and you will get the voltage across R5,divide this by R5 to get the current through R5.

    Subtract this from I total (30 ma) to get current through R2 (in series with
    R3||R4).Since this combination is parallel with R5 their voltages are equal.

    Divide this voltage by the calculated current to get the total resistance .

    subtract the value of R3||R4 you already got from the total value to get R2