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    Apr 3, 2009
    Hi, I plan to work with 600VDC, both on a PCB and off it. Now my PCB will have 600V and logic 5V circuitry, and i'm scared of creapage. Right now i have it designed for 3mm distance between signals on same layer of FR4, and no traces above or below, I'm hoping thats good enough. But on the top of the board, to bring the 600V onto it, i'm using these connectors (http://www.erni.com/powertapfront.htd), The connectors for the 600 and 600 gnd are about 3inches away from each other, but about 3mm from the 5V circuitry. I got that from this chart , http://www.smpspowersupply.com/ipc2221pcbclearance.html , which is good for 1000V on external component leads, uncoated. So, that connector being 3mm away from a resistor lead carrying 5V, should be okay, if i'm not mistaken? And would that distance apply for off PCB stuff too. Cus I have two bus bars, one carrying the 600V and the other 600 Gnd, spaced 2 inches away from each other, and i'm worried about arcing. Any help is greatly appreciated,

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    Is the 5 V logic circuitry derived from the 600V, or do they share ground commonly, or are they entirely isolated, as per say, the 5V coming from a floating battery ?
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    Mar 24, 2008
    A minimum distance of 3mm would be fine as far as my experience goes. I had set rules in the PCB design software for 3mm for my board where the isolation was needed between 420V and 5V. Use 70micron clad and a good quality solder mask.
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    Apr 3, 2009
    Okay thanks alot,
    and you know, i'm actually not sure about whether the 5V and 600V are tied to each other somewhere upstream. I'd take a guess and say yes though. Does that matter?
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