Hunter Fan Wiring

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I have a Hunter floor fan Model # 22029 with a Levolier # 206 pull switch. Can anybody help with a wiring diagram ? It has a capacitor permently connected to one lead. I believe it should be a two speed PSC motor. I will get my accurate multimeter and post my resistance findings if that would help. Every wire is the same color of crud. The switch does not "click " or rotate and i am afraid if i open it up i will have a jack in a box with parts in every nook of my work area


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parts for hunter fans are widely available at home stores, lowes, ace hardware and such.


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Sorry to tease you.

Found the picture, but no information on either the switch config. or motor wiring.

Some of the motor diagrams show two wires from motor to capacitor.
A common.
Tapped run winding.

Only two speeds in your example.
And possibly the common going thru switch for the 4th and 5th wires.

Does your connection have both line (power) leads enter switch?



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I just got one of these fans: Hunter Robbins & Myers floor fan model 22029.
it came without the switch. It worked a couple of days and quit. The capacitor was way out of spec so I got another one.
However apon inspecting the wires I notice it couldn't be correct because one of the winding wires was going to the ground terminal of the 'hard wired' plug. The wires going to the capacitor were soldered, but I am even suspect if this is correct.
Did anyone ever find the wiring diagram for this fan's motor.
Here is how mine was hard wired. I could just go with it but the cap may have gone bad because it really isn't wired correctly.

I know it is a 2 speed and it is controlled through the windings.
A wire diagram would be great. Or if someone has one of these fans with the original pull-chain switch (pictured a few posts up) they could do a continuity test cycling through the Off/Low/Off/High of this switch to help reverse engineer the wiring, it would be great!
This guy has a good reference.

And for fun:

If I remember right, you will have two windings and the winding with the lower resistance gets the cap. The resistances are low.

You may have to use a 4-terminal method to figure out the windings, but that;s no big deal.

Use a incandescent light in seres with power when powering it up. Shorts make the light glow and not let out the magic smoke. Use a wattage close or smaller than he fans wattage.