Human Body Electricity Information Needed

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I'm having an unusual problem and need some ideas. I have a lot of dental work ( crowns with metal, large fillings) and I am experiencing shocks when I visit the dentist and his mirror instrument touches one of these surfaces on one side of my mouth. I also will experience frequent shocks when touching car doors and sometimes in just touching another person.
I know this sounds really strange but it really is no fun.
Any ideas, thought or sources that I could read?
The specialist is thinking root canals, I'm wondering if some sort of electrical circuit could be going on with all this metal in my mouth?
I drive a hybrid but I don't have any other known frequent contact with anything electric, etc.


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Do you wear leather boots? It seems a static electricity problem. It is frequent that a person wearing leather boots (therefore isolated from ground) to accumulate some amount of charge, specially after driving (happens only with some cars). I think tooth fillings won't give you such problems.