HTML form issue due wednesday, please help

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I just found out today that we have to do this also as part of our projects due Wednesday. I got most of the form working, but for some reason I can't comprehend the text area is moving right and down even though part of the form. only guess at this point is that has something to do with webpage. I've been having positioning issues with my webpages for some reason some objects they just refuse to respond to positioning so suspecting something possibly interfering. some other people in the class are also having similar issues. teacher grades on code so if it's right or close grade should be ok. have to present in front of class on Wednesday and just feel embraced to present something this messed up:eek:.
I put my code for the form through something called tryit editor V1.6 at the w3c school website and displays like I would expect, this makes me think it is css related, but I don't see how that could be.
attached are the form page, and the related CSS files. tried different browsers too ie8,10 and chrome all do same thing.
any ideas?