hp33120A function generator

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    Apr 6, 2011
    Has anyone used this fucntion generator before?

    please note: IM USING MULTISIM HP 33120A

    I;m trying to set the function generator to high z, however, at SYS MENU it goes into commands then says 1: COMMA

    The manual says it suppose to say 1: OUT TERM

    This is the procedure followed:
    Press .Menu On. (Shift . Enter). You should see .A: MOD MENU. on the

    Press the .right arrow. key three times. You should see .D: SYS MENU. on​

    the display.​

    • ​

    Press the .down arrow. key once. You should see .1: OUT TERM. on the​

    display. This means .output termination., which is your load resistance.​

    • ​

    Press the .down arrow. key again. You should see .50 OHM. on the display.​

    • ​

    Press the .right arrow. key. You should see .HIGH Z. on the display.​

    • ​

    Press .Enter.. The instrument is now set for correct operation with highimpedance

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