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    May 28, 2013
    another great scavanging find from the hospital bin aka the bin of things that work perfectly fine but we dont whant it anymore,

    so ive found this server that has its hdd removed for obvious reasons and decieded to give it a go and it runs on its bios :)
    its the HP Proliant DL360 gen4

    ime looking for 2 replacement scsi hdd tray so i can instal the OS and run it,
    i also found an scsi to sata 4x converter cable online, any thoughts on that ? as in speed or data storage ?

    it also has 2 CPU slots whit only 1 equipted now witch runs, what could i do whit 2 CPU's ? could it posibly be turned into a gaming rig ? or is that somthing stupid being said ?
    it also has 2 seperate power suplie trays whit 2 seperate cable connectors, why ? :p

    now ime new to servers and networking so any hints and tips on this server or in general ?
    what software to install or how to do stuff whit it

    any info whould help :)

    thx in advance guys
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    Jun 6, 2011
    Put a copy of Puppy Linux on a USB stick. You don't need no stinkin' hard drive...
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    May 13, 2013
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    1. I'm not sure with out looking at scsi to sata converter, but to me it sounds like it is a SAS setup possibly. SAS is basically SCSI protocols over SATA lines. I know there are adapters for SAS to 4X sata adapters. you can have a SAS controller, and run SAS or SATA drives. (as to combining I'm not for sure, but think would work.) A SAS hard drive on a SATA controller will be useless. The drives look nearly identical though SAS has somewhat different connection. SATA has l shaped lip with pins on one side SAS has 2 of these side by side, and on the middle one on opposite side.

    3. 2 power supply's is common in enterprise lever servers. This is for redundancy if one goes the other will still run. also ideally have on different circuits also so if breaker blows it don't bring system down. basically high availability for mission critical things E.G email, SQL, etc. I have similar system I pulled spare psu so if one goes I have spare. mine is odd brand, and about impossible to get parts for.

    also about the drives I wouldn't bother with bays. mine has 6 slot SCA SCSI bay for 6 drives 4 originally I added 2 all I did id made a V shaped cardboard prop I slide under them to hold up front connector will hold back fairly well. not best, but for home server, and not much other choice it works.

    without more info hard to tell if be good gaming setup. I use mine for file storage not a lot now since got external 2TB all 12 HDD in mine be about 300GB 2500MHZ p3 Xeons 512 ram had 1GB, but more than need, want spares not in use. takes about an hour to move 1GB via lan usb1or 1.1 so that not very good. my guess is it is probably yours is at least 5 yrs old many servers last 8-10 before they replace if still works generally becomes something less intensive like domain controller, etc. most places get every last $ they can out of servers. which makes since good server usally start about 2K and just go up when my Unisys was new it's MSRP was about 10-12K.

    2. You could add another CPU to it, but it is not exactly the boost you'd think. so say 1 CPU is 2GHZ having 2 will not give you 4GHZ. you'd get more like 2500 if your lucky. generally the 2nd cpu will add about 20% of it's speed onto the system. the more cpu the lower the% goes.