HP motherbored repairs 6220

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Hi, I need some urgent assistance on obtaining a quote on how to fix an HP compaq laptop 6220.

My original laptop charger blew and upon purchasing a new one, the repair guy sold me a faulty charger and it ended up damaging my motherboard.

I need the quote to present the cost of repairs of the laptop at court next week. Yes, I am now suing the repair man for damages!

Could you please assist me.


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Did the repairman have a exact replacement for the HP laptop, was it an HP charger for that laptop? If so then it may be HP you need to sue. But the repairman would have to prove that he purchased the power supply from an HP certified dealer.

Did it destroy your motherboard when he plugged it it and used it or when you did so. If he did not knowingly deceive you and left the computer running and fixed when he left, then he really is has not been negligent. Who's to say you just didn't dump a soda on if 5 minutes after he left you with your nicely fixed laptop?

You have the burden of proof here, to show that the power supply is defective and thus could cause the damage. You will likely need to have the power supply evaluated by a certified HP repair service. If you can't prove that the power supply is defective then you are out of luck.

You should be able to call a certified HP repair service and get a quote for your motherboard and labor charge. That sort of thing generally has a fixed price associated with it. Example: $120.00 Parts(motherboard), and 1hr labor at $50/hr. Then call HP and get a quote on a new power supply as well.
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