HP labtop copmuter problem

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Hi every body,
While i working with my LABTOP and restart it a problem occur
The LABTOP doesn't enter the boot and a message appear:
press <ESC> to change boot order
press <F10> to enter setup, <F12> to boot from LAN
i press thr previous buttons .as, the computer advise me.but, there isn't any action.
Can any one please, advise me how to overcome this problem.
many thanks in advance


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When you enter F10, does the computer show the existence of the hard drive (drive C)? Or is the portable not responding to the keyboard?


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Yup, sounds like it could be related to the hard drive. Have you replaced it or been fiddling around with it?



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This is awkward with a portable. You can swap in another keyboard on a desktop in just a few seconds, but it is more difficult with a portable. It is very frustrating for this kind of failure, as you cannot get any response from the computer.

If you have access to another equivalent portable, you can try to exchange the keyboards (assuming you are comfortable getting one open). If the problem moves, then you need a new keyboard. If not, it means the keyboard decoder (or some IC on the motherboard) has failed. Probably an expensive repair.

Lacking another unit, you can also open that one up and verify that the keyboard connector is properly seated. From experience, I can tell you that getting into a protable is not always easy. Figuring out how to manipulate hidden catches without breaking them is no fun at all. Even finding all the case screws can be a challenge.

If the portable is still under warranty, it is probably best to take it in to a shop for testing and repair.