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  1. ablessyou2

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    Jul 5, 2006
    i have a test coming and part of the test is that i will be asked to connect the HP Distortion Analyzer to a circuit and measure the distortion. The circuit also require the use of HP Powermeter, Bridge, Oscillographs,and oscilloscope Lissajous patterns.

    How to use Hp Distortion Analyzer and HP powermeter?
    Ocilloscope Lissajours Patterns?
    adel Botros
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    Feb 24, 2006
    You start by reading the materials you were given, or download and read the manual for the instrument. Then ask your instructor, that is what he is there for. Third go sit down with the instrument and play with it. Forth ask the smartest guy in the class to help you.

    If "loss of face" is a cultural issue for you and that is why you've posted here then I fear you will be disappointed with the response. It is not that we are unable to help it is just the inconvenience of not knowing exactly what instruments you have and what you are trying to accomplish. That and we're not seeing much effort on your part to solve your own problem.

    This forum is well suited to the single direct question. It does a relatively poor job of laying out a customized instructional program on short notice, given the emphasis on textual discourse. I know people can upload various file types, but they are often of such poor quality that no meaningful information is conveyed. It is also quite inefficient to conduct a conversation since the delay time between posts can reach into the days range. There is a more efficient solution to your problem; you just have to find it.