Howto test this stepper (STH-57D353) ?

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    Oct 9, 2013
    Hello every one on this board .

    I have found an old stepper motor from SHINANO KENSHI (now Plextor ) .

    I want to know the wiring configuration if possible for testing this motor and see if its working .

    Here is the informations marked on the motor :

    STH-57D353 ( or 853) not very sure .
    1.8 Deg/step
    31x30 ???

    There is 6 wires coming from it , black, red , green ,white ,white/green , white/red .
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    Feb 11, 2008
    It's a 6 wire unipolar motor.

    The two commons are the black and white wires. Then the 4 phase wires are red,red/white and green,green/white.

    To know the operating current you can work from the motor frame size which gives you a good idea of the coil wattage, then calculate current from wattage and one phase's ohms.

    The coil current is probably 0.3A per phase, but it is still good to test it and compare coil wattage to other similar sized motors.