how to write this event driven programming

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    i am using an INSTEON microcontroller
    developed by SMARTHOME.PLC is connected to the serial port of the PC.
    I have to use an IDE called as SALad IDE, to develop the INSTEON applications.and the developed program should be downloaded to serial connected device .then that device can able to function on its own,without the need of developed SALad coreapp program should be such that it should control the brightness and dimness levels of the lights. the plc is connected with the another insteon device called as lamplinc will control the all lightning applications in the home.the devices will communicate over the powerline by using insteon messages.SALad program is an event driven program.
    SALad is a mix between assembler and BASIC. suggest me how to write the brightning control and dimness control routines.
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    Feb 24, 2006
    You need to start with the requirements. What is the program you propose to write supposed to do? You've given us a description of the hardware implementation, although it is quite useless since I'm not familiar with it. It is quite difficult to do an adequate job of defining requirements in a forum post. Put together a suitable document and post that.