how to write program interrupts or design interrupts.

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Please guys lend me your help. my question is really long but I tried to figured out but can,t. Q. write a program marquee light (every third light) that will rotate from right to left. each value should be displayed for a period of 200 msec and then move on. you will also have 2 interrupts (switches) that when activated, will cause the marquee to immediately stop its current process and service either of the interrupts.

One of the interrupts will blink the LED display alternately for 4 sec with AAh, 55h. The time each displayed should be 500 msec. the other will cause all LEDs to be on for 2 sec.

when the processor returns to the main program is should resume exactly where it left off.

this all bout it, please may you help me out on how to write the software.


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You may wish to let people know what language you intend using, and also post up any ideas or attempts you have done for others to look at.

I have moved this to the Programmer's Corner where it is better suited.