how to use Digital potentiometer AD5260

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    Jun 1, 2013
    Hello, I’m new at this IC,
    So I am confused on how to programmed it.
    I have Digital Potentiometer AD5260. It’s versatile memory, so it sets up on midpoint. I don’t know how to change the resistance value.
    I need it to be able to be programmed from min value to max value in certain times.
    I've tried to programmed it with Arduino, but the value didn't change.

    The pin is connected to:
    Pin1 -A- No Connect
    Pin2 -W- Output
    Pin3 - B- Ground
    Pin4 -VDD- +15Volt
    Pin5 -SHDN- +15Volt
    Pin6 -CLK- Pin 13 Arduino
    Pin7 -SDI- Pin 11 Arduino
    Pin8 -CS- Pin 10 Arduino
    Pin9 -PR- +15Volt
    Pin10 -GND- Ground
    Pin11 -VSS-Ground
    Pin12 -VL- +5Volt
    Pin13 -NC-No Connect
    Pin14 -SDO-Pin 12 Arduino

    This is the link to the datasheet.