How to use a surface mount with a breadboard

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Hi everyone, I brought a surface mount IC because I could not find a through hole version of the IC. Its a SOIC24 and i need one of them boards that basically allow me to use the IC with my breadboard. The thing im looking for is like this:

If you scroll down to over half way then the one I need is there. Does anyone know the name of these boards so I could buy from a company such as farnell?



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You can go to Farnell website, enter the following search phrase.

"adaptor board surface mount" & clicks show all results.

Near the bottom of the first search result page are the adaptor boards you wanted.

Edit: perhaps not! Who in their right mind would use dual row for pinout onto a standard dip protocol board? You just can't use it on a breadboard! Sign.



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I'm with praondevou. I was stuck with the same problem (now I will never get to try it out since summer is over). I searched all over the net and proto-advantage seems to be the best option. They will also solder the component on for you if it is available at digikey (for extra charge) if you wish.

My component was TSSOP, no way to solder using low grade equipment, but SOIC should OK.