How to use a PIR sensor to activate a motor and speakers

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So the idea is that when the PIR sensor is activated through motion, a motor will start to spin and speakers will play music.

The Diagram is a older version and i have now replaced the photodiode/led emitter with a pir pyroelectric sensor. Apart from that everything else is the same.

I have a basic block diagram of all the components needed to make the circuit work, i just don't know how to put it all together (wiring all the connections on a breadboard)

There are two PCB mounted stereo jacks. One connects to the mp3 through a double male 3.5mm jack, the other connects to a speaker. The two PCBs are connected by soldering on the top I presume?

Can someone show me how to connect everything? PS. I am new to electronics and not very good electrical circuits (Cant understand them) can someone show me a diagram to show how i connect what where?

If there is a way to make the circuit without the arduino, i would be open to suggestions.




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Once motion is detected, how long do you want the music to play and the motor to operate?
Did you ever have this hooked up? What did/does the Arduino do? It requires a program and we need to know what that program does.

If you can't understand circuits, this will be a challenge. It's not just hooking up some wires.


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So you can using a op amp as LM358 or comparator as LM393 to sense the signal from the IR LED, and send the signal to the arduino.


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Basicaly you can remove the amplifier and connect the output of the PIR sensor directly to the arduino. But before you have to know the voltage output by your pir sensor. If the output is a TTL compatibile with your ardoino you can proceed, if not you have to interface the Pir out to the ardoino input, could be an optocoupler ; a relay or a devider network at your choice but you cannot connect the sensor to the ardoino input if voltage is not compatible