How to use a Bose series 2 SoundDock amplifier without sound processor

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I have a Bose SoundDock series 2 but the sound processor blew up..I want to find out if I could just use the amplifier board alone
My question is
Where can I :-

1.connect the switch to turn amp ON
2. Connect power supply
3.connect audio input left and right
4.if possible the volume controls as well


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The Bose SoundDock uses an iphone as its input. The processor that blew up probably converts the digital signals of the iphone to audio for an amplifier.
Why do you think the bunch of capacitors is an amplifier?
A stereo amplifier needs to have left in, left out, right in, right out, positive voltage and ground. That is 6 connections but the circuit board has only 4 connections on its two connectors.

You need a detailed schematic to show the inputs, outputs and power supply but Bose will not provide it.