how to troubleshoot passive crossovers

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I have been a tech for 30 years and worked for Fender more over 25 years. I have done thousands of guitar, bass, keyboard amps etc. I have never truly found an effective way of properly troubleshooting passive x-over networks. any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Thomas


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Do you have an oscilloscope?

Please post high resolution, clear/well focused pictures of the board after you assembled it (both sides)? Avoid flash bounce, outside on a cloudy day is best.

Click on the paperclip in advanced editor to add as an attachment to your post, no hosting needed.

Max .JPG size is 300kB, and it may take a few minutes to have the attachment moderated if you have under 10 posts.

The images are critical so that we cam determine if there are problems with the board.

If you don't have a camera, use a flatbed scanner to get the images if possible.

Download Irfanview (freeware) which will allow you to "Save For Web" with the R|0T plugin and specify JPG size to be 300kB, it does a good job of keeping the high resolution while getting good compression.