how to start with world of micro prosessors and cantrollers

First learn how to spell.

I'd say first learn an assembler for an 'easy' microprocessor like the 6502 and forget about microcontrollers for a while.

Then build a single board computer out of it, then learn about microcontrollers and it will all make sense.


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I would suggest a different approach assuming you are a hobbyist and simply want to do something useful or to increase your understanding.

I started with microcontrollers, namely the Microchip PIC 16F series, found some tutorials on the Internet, and built a flashing LED as my first foray into assembler. My next project actually did something useful for me (controlled some servos).

I am still a long way from being comfortable with interrupts and tables, but the point is that with assembler and a microcontroller, you can get something useful very quickly.


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please help me out
In the interest of clarification, you refer to cantrollers in the title of your thread. Are you requesting information on micro-controllers or are you interested in controllers that are targeted for use in implementing "CAN" (Compact Area Network) protocols?



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You may also want to look at the 8-bit AVR series by ATMEL. Like the PIC it is fairly inexpensive to get into. The code development software for C-language and Assembly Language are both free.


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I would take a look at the Arduino software tools and the Atmel uCs. Once
the bootloader is on the uC you can program the uC through the
USB port. Programming can be done in C or C++. The programming environment
is a front end for GCC. The software tools are free and run on Linux, MAC and

I have some more information at

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