How to start to learn ARM?


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Well, all the hardware guys will insist on learning the hardware first; and all the software guys will insist on learning the software first!

Many manufacturers have demo boards with the hardware set up so you can explore the features of their chips. This will include on-chip functions that used to be in separate ICs, so that part of the hardware is no longer a problem. Most demo boards assume you know ANSI C; many have an IDE that uses C.



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To start studying ARM, I suggest you buy an embedded board which is an ready to use. And then you can start the software design based on the board.

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ST board? In my mind, it is always to slow, like AVR

yeah, I think I need an evaluation board.

How about the board based on TI processo?
I find on board Devkit85000D, my friend said that is is based on DM3730.
can I use it?
Or other board?

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oh, I thought about the ST board, it is not AVR board, and I found one board also be based on ST.

Devkit1207 board
- 120MHz STM32F207IGT6 ARM Cortex-M3 32-bit Flash Microcontroller
- CPU Internal 1MBytes of Flash and 128 (system) +4 (backup) KBytes of SRAM
- USB2.0 OTG Full-speed Port and USB2.0 OTG High-speed Port
- 3.5-inch TFT LCD and 4-wire Resistive Touch Screen
- 10/100 Ethernet with IEE 1588v2, CAN2.0B, Serial Port, IrDA, TF, Audio, JTAG,…
- G-sensor 3-Axis Acceleration Sensor
- Supports for uC/OS-II and FreeRTOS Real-time Operating Systems

How about it? have you ever used it?
or do you have other board to recommend based on the same processor?

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Well, I want to know something about the basic knowledge to learn ARM.
Zero level, how to learn from zero level? It is so hard, don't know how to do it.


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Simply search on google for 'ARM basics ppt' you'll definitely find some good stuff. Hey one question what processors/controllers did you learn before???