How to solve fourier series integrals

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Ive tryin to solve the fourier series integrals but they are really confusing.....
when we find "an" and "bn" we solve integrals how do we solve them completely to get the book has only shown the an formula deivation and then it says
"by long integration we got following answer...."
Any tips on that


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There are two tools that are handy in integration:
  1. Integration by Parts
  2. Trigonometric Identities
My favorite is
cos(n+1)θ + cos(n-1)θ = 2cos(θ)cos(nθ)


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hey gutto

the proof in your book isn't exactly incomplete: phoned-in, maybe. the thing is, the derivations for the sine coefficients and for the cosine coefficients are formally almost identical. the only difference is the obvious one (one talks about the sine function while the other talks about the cosine function). try adapting the proof you've got in the most obvious way and see if it doesn't work. i threw out my notes on this but i can puzzle it out again if you're really curious.