how to set distance for rayleigh channel modeling in comm

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    Feb 21, 2008
    Hi there guys, currently im modelling a wireless communication for QPSK and BPSK.Im using Rayleigh channel.

    I am not working in RF wireless network,but Im learning it to compare it with my optical network.

    The formula for Rayleigh channel that im using is

    Code ( (Unknown Language)):
    1. Rayleigh=(1/sqrt(2))*(bits)+(1/sqrt(2))*j*(bits)
    Then take the magnitude of the formula above and convolute with my modulated signal. I take the rayleigh channel in terms of complex value interference. I am sorry if it looks very elementary.

    So now how can I include a certain distance in the channel, say im transmitting from a central station with a BPSK signal, then it goes through this Rayleigh channel and get faded, and then receive at base station. But how to define the distance it travelled.

    Advice will be much appreciated...thank you guys!!