How to send jpeg image to avr?

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I need to send jpeg from PC to AVR as follows:
JPEG (from PC) => RS232 =>--------------=> USART(atmega128) => SD card.
I have never done it before and hope anyone who has experience give me some advice about it.
Can you tell me how to send from PC to USART?
Which kind of image format I should to save in SD card?
What should I take into consideration?
Thanks for help.


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In the simplest form you simply output the bytes from PC at some reasonable speed. The atmega will create a file on the SD card and fill it with the received bytes. You may or may not need to use a filesystem such as FAT to store the files, depending on what else you want to do with the card.

When you got this done you can add things like flow control and checksum to be sure that what you written on the card is the same thing as was sent.