How to run a 5v motor using a TSOP1738

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Hi guys, i am trying to make a robot and the reciver i am using for the IR is a tsop 1738. To make the reciever work i am using a 555timer and giving the power to the IR led. Now i have finished all of this and when i attach a LED to the vout of the reciever to the -ve side of the LED and the +ve side to the VCC and i works well. Now i connect a 5v or a 4.5v motor the same way but it dosent run when it recieves the signal. Anyone who has knowledge in this plz try to help me. Eagerly waiting for an answer.:D


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when you place LED it glow, but in case of motor it drew more current...that's why it does not work you need to add transistor or MOSFET to have it work.....

and i think your robot will only move in one direction, post the pics of robots..i want to see..


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...general layout of the transistor driver from the 555.

The transistor will allow you to provide more current to the motor.