How to Rig up a Remote RF Circuit Tester?

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I'm looking for suggestions how I can rig up the following:

I want to be able to attach an RF transmitter to a household AC circuit and have a receiver that I can carry with me that will sound a tone and/or light an LED to indicate when the circuit is energized.

I would like a range of about 200-300 feet. I wouldn't mind buying such a setup if someone made one for a reasonable price but I could not find such an item.

With RF devices being common and inexpensive these days, there has to be a way to rig up something like this fairly cheaply. I'm thinking it would likely involve modifying an existing transmitter/receiver set made for some other purpose as opposed to my building circuitry.

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Pre-built TX & RX modules that serially interface to MCUs or your own discrete logic can be had very cheaply on ebay. You should be able to engineer a system that meets your requirements for under 30-dollars in parts (not including your immense amount of time to engineer it all)