how to remove the power supply board on Sony KP-53S65

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I need to remove the power supply board to get to the capacitor at the location c514 I have the back exposed and have tried to remove but I don't want to do anything that will break it. Any assistance with pictures, instructions would be greatly appreciated.




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Sony tends to hide "locks" to hold their chassis boards down and they can often be hard to find.

That's a CRT projection set, I don't think I'd be inside of it unless you really know what you're doing. Their power supplies tend to hold voltages for ages after they're off - even for weeks - not to mention the CRTs as well.

I also doubt you'd be able to repair it just by replacing a cap, when a Sony power supply or deflection circuit goes it usually takes a lot of other stuff with it.

Best of luck though, I made my spare money in college working on TVs and got involved again for a while about 17 years ago when a friend of the family with a shop fell really ill.


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I really appreciate the advice...I will schedule a pro to the house to help troubleshoot
If nothing else you're going to be a lot safer, I assume you've looked into the back and seen how they've stuffed everything in there.

Best of luck it turns out to be something simple.