How to regulate 12DC input to -55DC

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    May 1, 2013
    Hello, Everyone.
    My name is zhen.
    I am designing a board as a voltage regulator for a ultrasound imaging device, LM96550 Ultrasound Transmit Pulser- Texas Instruments

    The desired function of this board is to receive a 110AC input from power source and regulate it in to 11 different DC voltages for 11 different input.
    Here is my way of doing it.

    I first managed to use an ATX to convert the 110AC into 12V/5V dc, and I am planing to use LM5001 High Voltage Switch Mode Regulator (TI chip) to boost the 12V to 50V. Then i will use an linear regulator to drop the 50V voltage to 40V. (the same way to obtain the 10V from 12V and 1.8 V from 5V.
    By now, I have got 6 desired voltages.
    Except all the negative ones,

    The challenging ones for me is the -55 and -40, I could not find any TI chip regulators to obtain a negative voltage as low as -55/-40.

    In the mean while, i accidentally found this AN-H59DB1 demo-board which is to convert a 12VDC input to 6 different voltages. Even though those 6 voltages are close to the desired voltages and even includes a negative voltages as low as -75, but those voltages do not match perfectly to the desired voltages.
    Otherwise, i will just order it to save the trouble

    I do not want/could to use any external circuit other than IC chips to do the job.
    Is there a anyway to obtain the -55 or -40 VDC?(I was suggested to use transistor to build a regulator my self, but I have trouble doing it since i am a first year EE student)

    Thank you for reading this and sorry for the wall of texts.

    Any advises would be really appreciated.

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    Jun 22, 2012
  3. zhangz64

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    May 1, 2013
    Thank you for your advises, I think the LTC3011 is a good choice.
    Also, i am planing to use LTC®3862 to get my high positive voltages +40/+50. just because it is better performance to use product from the same company

    Let us say I am able to get -55 from +12.
    Is there any chip that will allow me to get -50/-40 from -55?

    Thank you very much