How to read or understand a motherboard schematic diagram

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Hi, I am trying to understand at least how to read a schematic of motherboards.

For example: Sometimes I find a problem on the motherboard, maybe the mosfet measure in a pin x= 3.3 v, it's means is correct, but in another pin is shows .35mv (it's means a wrong meadure due to look for the right voltage in the shematic) but, my problem is, I don't know how to know exactly if this mosfet is the problem or not, ok, the mosfet has 3 pines, but the bad voltage measure lead me to another piece but it connects to this piece or the voltage should comes from the other piece? I mean, how to know this pin is the output or input of the mosfet? I need to find a wesite maybe to understand this, thank you, let me knoe if you know it.