How to post a project to the Completed Projects collection

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The Project Collection Forum is for posting completed projects that you have created and wish to share with other forum members, and get their feedback, suggestions and comments.

Please note that a thread in the Projects Collection Forum the project must be approved by the Moderators. We are not checking the validity of the project, but that the submitted project has satisfied all the requisite content, and in the opinion of the moderators, work. Replying to a project does not require Moderator approval.

When posting a project please include the following information:

  1. A clear title that describes the project appended by the word 'Project:', for example "Project: 555 Audio Oscillator".
  2. A list of parts, equipment, software used.
  3. Details of any theory, references or information that may be applicable.
  4. Any schematics, source code, etc.
  5. A short description of what to do.
  6. In the interests of manageability and security, project files/code/schematics must be locally stored on All About Circuits. This is not optional. Links such as You Tube may be used to provide supplementary information, however they must not provide the substance of the project.
  7. A picture displaying the finished project is preferred. It should be the first illustration displayed.
There are also a series of projects and experiments available in the on-line textbook.

Please do not make requests for projects in this forum.

If you want help with a project you are undertaking please post in The Projects Forum. Posts made in this forum asking for help risk being deleted completely, hence you may not get any helpif they do not meet rule 6
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I have tightened up the requirements a bit, the above criteria must be met. Some things have been grandfathered in, as they were posted here before I decided to improve the quality control of this forum.

I will work with the OP to help meet the requirements if the project comes close to meeting the basic requirements.
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I have added a new section to the categories, that of 3D Printed Projects. Any project submitted for this catagory must have something to do with electronics, if it does not in the opinion of the moderating staff it will be moved to Off Topic.
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