How to plotted in the same color?

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I have done a .step (with 4 parameter values) on a .tran simulation.

When viewing a trace in LTspice (ver. 2.23r) with the expression for ex.:


all of the simulation steps are plotted with different colors. Ok.

Then if I plot just one step of the data runs for this node voltage:

v(N001)@3 for ex.,

I see a single trace, but on close inspection it appears to be actually
4 traces overlaid very closely, each displayed in a different color.

Even wierder, when I plot two steps individually:

v(N001)@3 for ex.,

Then each trace appears to be 4 overlaid traces of the same color.
v(N001)@2 might be 4 overlaid traces in green, while v(N001)@3 appears
as 4 overlaid traces in blue.

When a single step selection is plotted along with the set such as:


Then the individual traces within v(N001) no longer take different
colors, but are all plotted in the same color.

Does anyone know what is going on here?