how to output multiple scan in usb6008 with matlab

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    i need your help to use ni usb6008 to output analog signal , the analog signal is the control signal from PID controller i used this code % Initialization global Temperature global Irradiance global current global Vref global data global u %%get connected devices d = daq.getDevices %create session s = daq.createSession('ni') s1= daq.createSession('ni') %add analog channel s.addAnalogInputChannel('ID',channel num, 'measurement type') % s.addAnalogInputChannel('Dev1',0:3, 'Voltage')%irradiance s.addAnalogInputChannel('Dev1','ai0', 'Voltage')%irradiance s.addAnalogInputChannel('Dev1','ai1', 'Voltage')%Temperature % s.addAnalogInputChannel('Dev1','ai3', 'Voltage')%Temperature s1.addAnalogOutputChannel('Dev1', 'ao0', 'Voltage') % set rate of scan 1000 scans/second , run for 30 seconds
    s.Rate=1000; s.DurationInSeconds =10 v.TerminalConfig = ' Differential'; %v.TerminalConfig = ' SingleEnded'; %_____________________________ %% %aquire data and process lh = s.addlistener('DataAvailable', @plotData); %store data %h = s.addlistener('DataAvailable', @storedata)% Analog Output ao_value = u % duty cycle control signal s1.outputSingleScan(ao_value)s.startBackground() s.wait() delete (lh) delete (h) s.release()
    but an error message appeared "The data argument must contain one column for each output channel in the session. " i also can't use queue output data ao_value = u % duty cycle control signal s.queueOutputData (( ao_value)'); it gives me error that "There must be at least one analog output channel in the session before outputSingleScan or queueOutputData can be used. end
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