How to measure voltage across inductor?

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i have a RL load with an AC source 1.99Vrms,1kHz. If i would like to use the voltage across the inductor to calculate the XL ,which is XL = VL / I. Can i use a voltmeter and set it to AC and measure at the both end of the inductor to get the voltage across it?

because i saw some sources on the internet said that we cant measure the voltage across the inductor by just probe the voltmeter to both of the legs.

Any idea on this?

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The phase of the voltage across L is not in phase with the voltage across R (if you want to use the resistor to get your current level).

However you can measure the voltage across the RL series circuit, and with the current level you then get the circuit Z, and from there you can determine XL (if you do some homework on impedance).

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