how to make circuit for newly flat?

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I have a newly flat. i have set the location of all the power plug and lighting sockets. But I don't know how to calculate the circuit and wiring for it. The flat has 4 parts. the living room, the middle room, the last room, and the kitchen room in series from front to back. I also want to make it with breaker for every power plug and light s/w in each room.

My circuit will be including:

living room - power plug ( 4 items)
dimmer s/w (3 items)
light s/w ( 4 items)

middle - power plug ( 3 items)
dimmer s/w ( 2 items)
light s/w ( 2 items)

the last room - power plug ( 2 items)
light s/w ( 2 items)

kitchen - power plug ( 4 items)
light s/w ( 5 items)



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15 Amp? 20 Amp? NEC says you need two separate 20 Amp circuits in the kitchen, but NEC probably does not apply to your country.

When you say "with breaker for every power plug and light" do you really mean "separate breakers for power plug circuits and light circuits?"

Also, "homework" means "work assigned in shcool to be completed in the home." If this project is "home improvement" and not a class assignment, please let us know and we can move the thread to the "projects" forum where it will get better attention.