How to make Analog Mux work with PIC?

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    Mar 11, 2010
    Hello Everyone,

    In my system I have 8 sensors connected to 8 lines of analog Mux(4051) and one amplifier is connected at the output of Mux. Also the output of Amplifier is connected to PIC.
    I am using PIC16F871 to scan the 8 lines.

    I am using 4MHz crystal. Here if I connect 0.5V (DC) as the input at one of the 8 lines, It gets amplified and PIC can see signal at the I/P lines.
    but if I connect sensors it does not work. I even checked the sensor output at the amplifier output and it shows 5v.

    I used Digital Mux before and it worked perfectly and now when I switched to Analog Multiplexers it does not work.

    Do I need to connect anything extra to make the Analog Mux work with my PIC?
    Kindly let me know if something is not clear.

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    Why did you start this new thread? It doesn't have the schematics and details that are in your old thread.
    I won't search for your old thread to see what is connected wrong.
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    Can the OP clarify this issue?