how to make a program for blood pressure sensor

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    Nov 7, 2011
    hi friends,

    i am going to do a project using blood pressure sensor..normally manual blood pressure level will goes up to 160 mmhg then some particular seconds pressure will be constant which is current person blood pressure,i am giving pressure to pressure sensor(MP3v5050gp) automatically by using pump i just connected pressure sensor to micro controller, values are changing from 0 to 3 v .so please tell me ,how to make a program to know the blood pressure value.

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    Feb 19, 2009
    There are ASICs available for various sensors, which are then interfaced with a microcontroller for processing and display.

    Just like an EKG, very low noise instrumentation amplifiers are required to create a useable signal.

    What uC were you planning on using?

    Do you have the datasheet for the sensor you are looking at?

    You need a way of knowing when to stop pressurizing a cuff so circulation isn't cut off.
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    It's not easy! I work in the medical field and blood pressure is measured using complicated programs. The cuff is pumped up until no pulses are sensed from the cuff. The cuff is then slowly deflated until pulses are sensed, this is the higher or systolic pressure. The deflation continues whilst the pulses from the cuff are still monitored and when they stop this is the lower or diastolic pressure.
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    Before you understand what is going on. You will not be able to make a program or a system for that matter. The methods are named oscillometric method, or auscultatory method. The auscultatory method are done manually by a doctor. If you know a doctor, ask him to demonstrate the auscultatory method for you. But this method can also be done automated using a microphone and a controlled pump. However the method used in most automated system to day is the oscillometric method. You may find this helpful
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