how to know which is the correct method of solving???

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i want to know...while solving for the current and other network analysis what would be the correct method of solving...i would like to know this specially for the exam prep.

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Actually i was talking about in general but o be specific i would like to present an example...
well the circuit goes like consist of three loops...1 loop consists of an ammeter, resistor, and a voltmeter. this voltmeter is shared in loop 2 as well. then the 2nd loop consist of a resistor and the 3rd loop consist of ammeter only....
now this problem is to be solved by any method....
i would also like to know which method would be appropriate to used in solving this problem and why...


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Well an ammeter should hopefully have a negligible resistance and be in series with the circuit so it's effect on the circuit can be ignored. The voltmeter should be in parallel with a +10Mohm resistance that is also negligible and it's effect can also be ignored.

The ammeter should give you a reading in Amps
The Voltmeter should give you are reading in Volts

Ohms Law: V = I * R

So you should divide your voltmeter reading by your ammeter reading and get a answer equal to the resistance of the resistor in Ohms.


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if u havent had much practice in network analysis KVL is the most simple way to go for loop analysis. sometimes u may have to use superposition in conjunction.
it is mostly when the circuit gets a lot more complex other methods are preferable.
i would recommend KVL since it helps in understanding a lot about networks.