how to keep a MOSFET off during powerup?

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Using a 89C4051 MCU with a DS1833-10 reset chip. The chip puts out a 350 ms positive going reset pulse at power up.

After power up a N-Channel, 5V gate MOSFET is turned off by the MCU.

Before the reset pulse has finished the MOSFET turns on briefly.

How do I keep the MOSFET turned off during power up long enough for the MCU to take over?

The MOSFET gate circuit is described as a 10 Ohm resistor tied to the gate, on the other side of the 10 Ohm there is a 10K resistor tied to ground and a 1K Ohm resistor tied to Vcc. This 3 resistor junction connects to a port pin on the MCU.

The MCU port pin can sink more current then it can source so I am using this feature to turn the MOSFET off and the 1K pullup resistor as the means of turning the MOSFET on.


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You could get rid of the 1k. ;)

The fact that it turns on must mean the micro is tristated when in reset. If that's the case you could add a little NPN driven by the reset pulse to hold down the gate voltage.


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With a 1K and a 10K resistor you are driving the gate with 91% of Vcc during power up. No wonder it glitches. Loose that 1K as rony correctly suggests.

BTW, just how much current is the gate of this MOSFET taking anyway?