How to interface PS2 Mouse &K Keyboard to Microcontroller

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People here might feel interfacing a PS2 Mouse or Keyboard with a micro-controller is not a very challenging task.
But we have chosen this idea as our next project for Embedded For Magazine.

The idea came across as request by a student in 2nd year of his Engineering in Mumbai,India.

The question is we know this project might help students in adding new dimension to their robots or small college projects.
But can it be used in some other application or combined with some more hardware like sensors,motors etc .. and be used in solving a problem in interest to public ??
(As usual subscribers will get a free PCB of the concept with the magazine)

If you are stuck in Interfacing your hardware with a MCU, then kindly share your ideas & Problems here or register at
I have to update the code before August my deadline ,so keep following this thread.