how to interface KST-TX01 and KST-RX806 to mcu

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    Mar 31, 2009
    unfortunately my friend get that RF module but he has not any background of the microcontroller then he asked me for a help and after search i found that manufacture of the module doesn't deserve any one to buy his module

    the datasheet isn't helpful at all
    links here

    1st - the nature of the transmission will be serial or bit by bit so when i transmit logic 1 what is the time period should applied between every bit on the transmitter so that it can handle them correctly and never make interference between them and also the time period on the receiver which after it i know that it is ready for the next bit

    2nd - i assume that logic 1 will be 5 v so how can i define the logic 0? will it just 0 v or another voltage state except the 5 v and as example in RS-232 serial protocol the logic 1 is from -3v to -10v and the logic 0 from +3v to +10v as i think it is so what will be the logic 0 voltage value on the receiver

    plz hlp :(