How to include deadtime in PWM generator

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    Mar 20, 2012
    Hi, I am looking to control a H-bridge with a PWM which I have generated in my code, however I am clueless on how to include a dead timing in the PWM. I need a deadtime of 750ns on the on-time and 1us off time. The pwm generator is shown below. Thanks
    Code ( (Unknown Language)):
    2. module igbt_clock_gen (clock,reset,clock1,clock2,clock3,clock4); input clock,reset; output clock1, clock2, clock3, clock4; wire temp1;  freq_div f1 (clock,reset,temp1); clock_multiplier c1 (temp1,clock1,clock2,clock3,clock4); endmodule  module freq_div(clock, rst, clock_out); input clock,rst; output reg clock_out; reg [15:0] counter;  always @(posedge clock or negedge rst) begin   if(!rst)    begin       counter<=16'd0;         clock_out <= 1'b0;  end     else    if(counter==16'd6667)   begin       counter <= 16'd0;       clock_out <= ~clock_out;    end     else    begin       counter<=counter+1;     end end  endmodule  module clock_multiplier (clock, clock1, clock2, clock3, clock4); input clock; output clock1, clock2, clock3, clock4;  assign clock1 = clock; assign clock2 = ~clock1; assign clock3 = clock1; assign clock4 = ~clock1;  endmodule
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    Newlines are nice. ;)

    The dead time is just a delay between switching states, so add some delay after going to 00, before going to anything else...