how to implement bacnet protocol with ethernet interface ??

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    Hi all,

    We are four students in the last year in the faculty of electronic engineering and our graduation project is about

    Building Management System (BMS)

    and the standard protocol used there is Building Automation and Control Network (BACnet).

    and we reached an open source code for this protocol for RTOS-32, 18F6720, AT97SAM7s and atmega168

    and we find development kit to interface these microcontrollers with the computer or a supervisor computer but it's very large.

    so we want to interface these microcontrollers with Ethernet only.

    - should we use here another controller to interface with Ethernet ?
    - what is the type of the data transmitted to Ethernet is this serial ? and what does it consists of ?
    - send me the interface circuit
    - if any one has any information about BACnet please send me it in fast

    thanks alot and I,m very sorry for all.

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