How to implement a FFT

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    May 23, 2012
    From dsp guru url [ ] I obtained the following information.

    3.1 How do I implement an FFT?

    Except as a learning exercise, you generally will never have to. Many good FFT implementations are available in C, Fortran and other languages, and microprocessor manufacturers generally provide free optimized FFT implementations in their processors' assembly code, Therefore, it is not so important to understand how the FFT really works, as it is to understand how to use it.

    So my question if I have a DSP (lets say a Freescale DSP56F826BU80E) or a (TI TMS320C6713) how would I use Freescale's or TI's DSP to implement FFT since the above answer from dsp guru suggest that the FFT is already implemented in the their code?