how to get the T.F of analog RLC network by simulink matlab??

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    Sep 28, 2010
    Dear all,
    <the RLC network as attached>
    I have an RLC ckt network and i'm trying to get the T.F by using matlab. All what i could think of is to write the nodal analysis equations and to solve for out/input. But even me trying that i couldn't succeed in conducting a correct software representation on matlab.Firstly, I need someone to help me out in solving the following equations in term of v2/v1 by using matlab.

    where i did some reading and surfing internet material to ended up non-executive mat-lab program as follow
    clear all;
    close all;
    syms, ('v2 v1 vx vy s');
    A ='(vx*(2+s))-(v1*1)-(vy*s)-v2=0';
    [v2 vx]= solve('A''B''C','v2''vx');
    and finally, i need someone to help me in finding other way to solve the T.F for analog electrical ckt with simulink. Hence i already represented the circuit in simulink but i couldn't reach to the T.F

    Note:- i did the SFG for this ckt and i got the T.F=v2/v1= ((s^2)+2s+1)/(s^2+5s+2), but i still need to know how to do it in matlab where i have more complex circuits and huge networks.

    thank you