How to generate three phase sin wave

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sir can any body tell mee how to control three phase sin voltage using single varaic . my aim is to generate 50hz 15 v three phase whose magnitude can be varied between 0-15v please help me


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Could be done safely electronically say, using a phase-locked loop locked to a low voltage single phase 50Hz input. A 'crude' 3-phase generation could be done within the loop using a 3-stage Johnson counter. The 3-phase square waves could be filtered to produce a reasonable sine wave in each case. Amplitude control could probably be accomplished using an appropriate technique - the trick being to do it concurrently for all three phases.


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For a education demo. I once used Labview, sound card, and a external amplifier. Just then I was writing this the idea of using a allpass filter (Google it) came to me. After some fine tuning it may work for you(or not). But it is easy test on bread board