How to generate an 10ms interrupt output of Real Time Clock PCF8583 from the pin7?

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Does anyone know how to generate an interupt output from pin 7 of the Philips PCF8583 Real Time Clock? I am currently using PIC18F2620, mcc18.
I am writing the code in C .

I am trying to generate 10 ms, 1 sec and 5 sec interrupt from pin7 but i am not sure whether how to program it to give me exactly the timing that i want.

I understand that in order to generate the interrupt o/p, i have to set the appropiate bit for the alarm control register.
if i2c_send(0b00001000) // address 08 to write data to alarm control register
//follow by;
if i2c_send(0b01001001)
next, i am stuck till here, can anybody help me out of this asap.

Thank you for ur help=)