How to drive a cd rom spindle bldc motor without using a driver IC .

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    Jul 16, 2011
    Hi .. I'm really a noob to motor driving so i'd like to be guided to driving a cd rom bldc spindle motor ... Using the coil inputs A1 A2 A3 i've managed to move the motor a little more than 180 degrees .. But it stops moving near the hall effect sensors .. I'm using a ckt having three half bridges to drive the motor to 180 + degress .. how can i get through the hall effect sensors ? Where do i feed in the hall sensor output and how to do i create the whole feedback circuit ? heres a picture"/
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    The Hall-effect sensors are what tells the motor controller which set of coils needs to be energized in what polarity.

    It also provides feedback as to the rotational speed of the platter.

    If you get it rotating too quickly, you may create a hazardous situation.

    Why don't you create a schematic of your current circuit and attach an image of it? .PNG images are preferred.
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    I would think that the best way to drive the motor is to employ a dedicated driver, or simulate the operation of such. Get yourself the data sheet of said devices and read them carefully.