How to draw a schematic?


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I draw the circuits using M/S Paint, and copy/paste the components off the templates. It is just like using paper, only prettier.

Many people have your reaction, but my posts look good. Durn good.

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Here is a design I cobbled together. It has never been tested, but I suspect it will work first time. I am allowing the coils to conduct DC through to the transistor, turning what is a problem with your design into an asset with mine.

C2 is a power supply filter cap, and C3 will increase the gain of the transistor circuit. It might be eliminated with improved results.

how to calculate the value of resistance in this circuit. for different voltages??


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Stick around, it gets better. Much better.

As to RKs question, I tend to drive students crazy. I've been doing this since I was 12, which puts it at a comfortable 42 years. I picked the values I did partly off the OPs drawing and decades of my experience. I can pretty well calculate all the parameters, and had a general idea what I was trying to accomplish when I started drawing.

When I was 16 or so I went through a phase where I build every type of oscillator I read about. This includes the Hartley (which was the subject of the other thread), Colpitts, Armstrong, and several others. I did this pretty much the same way I drew this circuit, I took simple circuits and adapted them to what I was after. Being dead broke, I reused my parts pretty heavily, and made a lot of them from scratch, such as the coils (from toilet roles and used enameled wire). Looking at the waveforms they weren't the best (not even close), but they worked.

BTW, the circuit I drew will work off of a wide range of voltages, it is very generic.