How to download file from "rapidshare"?

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Can someone tell me in detail how to download a file from rapidshare? When I click the "free" button, the same page comes again. How can i go forward from this stage?
Please someone explain to me the whole download procedure clearly. I shall be much obliged. And yes i want to know whether there is any limit on the number of files one can download from rapidshare?


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there is no limit to files but after u download a file u must wait for an hour for another download I:e if ur ip is static. if u have a dynamic ip (i think u have dynamic) then simply disconnect from net and connect again and try again:)
ur problem seems unique to me, what connection do u use for net i mean dial-up /adsl/or using gprs (mobile)?
after clicking the free button a page loads where u have to enter a code
after which u can choose from a range of servers for download.just click the enter after entering the code and u shud be done.

on a side note.
other such uploading sites are
megashare and many i cant even remember (just try search on google abt the subject and u may see all sorts of names)

a helpful hint: type the site name (eg ; rapidshare .com or etc and the search keyword like name of ebook ;) and u may find links to the file)

happy downloading.


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It`s really easy to download the files the only problems are below:
if the program be paused and you disconnect it won`t start from that point and will start from scratch
and only 1 downlaod can be done at each time I mean simultanouse donloads are not possible.
as our freind said your IP is checked if you wanna donload after your first donload is finished you should disconnect in order of changing your IP.
Hi Friend,
I know a software that looks after Rapidshare Downloads. Your Job is just to copy and paste the Rapidshare link. Read more about that Software in My Blog...


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Please keep in mind that sites like "rapidshare" do offer a lot of illegal software and commercial books as "eBooks".



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Please keep in mind what is appropriate discussion with regards to use of file sharing sites here at AAC; including, but not restricted to, obtaining illegal software and literature otherwise than in accordance with the copyright owners requests. Thank you.

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