how to design regulated power supply with 0.00 to 10v


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What will be the needed current for this powersupply?

The LM317 will not go lower as 1.25 Volts.



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My favorite is the LM723 chip with both polarities of voltage supplied to it, and I don't give a rats' Sunday hat why you want to do it that way. The 723 is an old fashioned way to do it, but it's as versatile as you are.


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You could look through the LM317 datasheets, one datasheet I have seen has a circuit in there for using a second LM317 to provide the 1.25v offset and give a supply variable down to zero volts.

Or just use an opamp with 0v capable input, driving an NPN driving a big PNP darlington. Total parts counts won't be much worse than a couple of LM317s by the time you include all the resistors and caps etc.