How to design a perfect sine wave inverter ??

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    May 30, 2014
    Can anyone help me in designing a perfect sine wave inverter at low cost ?

    I have a simple idea.
    Create a sine wave ( modulation signal )of controllable amplitude and duty cycle.... Create an another high frequency square wave ( which is the modulating signal for PWM )....... compare these two waves by a suitable comparator ( say IC 555 ).....the result will be the PWM sine wave pulses...... which can be fed to the gate terminals of two MOSFETs ( acting as the push pull output stage of an ordinary square wave inverter ).....the output voltage of the inverter might be the exact replica of the input PWM sine wave pulses.....matching the real AC in RMS.....
    A voltage correction feature is also added ( using OPAMP ) to make the output voltage independent of load behavior...

    Since i am not an electronics expert, i will be very gratefull if there are any one to help me in completing this project... I have given the picture as attachment below..

    I am a little bit confused about the pin#4-pin#15 shorted connection in IC 4017... At earlier stages, pin#10 has been shorted to pin#15 availing outputs at pin#2 and pin#7 respectively thereby allowing a dead time to
    exist which completely safeguard the connected devices from accidental firing of mosfets... But the voltage at these terminals was found to be very low .. about 3.0 V....So i didn't get enough power output at the inverter's output.. So i changed the connection from pin#10 to pin#4, which gave me an average voltage of 6.0 V.. hence maximum power output...

    I need to produce atleast 250 W by the inverter
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